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At Tek Linx our mission is to design and manufacture high-quality, innovative, effective and reliable products and solutions and to provide exceptional service and support that exceeds customer expectations.

At Tek Linx, we design, develop, implement, and support technologically sound embedded solutions. We specialize in GPS tracking systems for commercial fleet management in a broad range of industries.

With the knowledge and experience to assist you with your product development, Tek Linx enables you to deliver world class products to your customers.

Rely on your in-house experts to provide what they do best, and off load your embedded tasks to Tek Linx because that's what we do best.

Let us turn your concept into a working product

To support this philosophy, we have invested in an extensive development and test environment that includes a variety of servers, sophisticated monitoring equipment, many different types of networks, operating systems, specialized terminals, emulators, and development tools. Our lab is fully equipped to completely handle our customer’s development projects

Tek Linx continues growing and improving, leveraging expertise and expanding fields of specialty through continuous training. We provide our employees with a challenging and inclusive environment that encourages teamwork and creativity, enabling them to supply responsive deliverables within a highly defined development process.


TEKLINX Secure is a Home and corporate Security Solution it utilizes a blend of GSM Technology and Sensors to provide fool proof Security.

It uses Door Sensors, motion seHome Securensors, Smoke Sensors, Fire sensors to provide optimum security and threat prevention. It also monitors panic and duress situations and provides audio monitoring as well. Integration with Smart Card provides unmatched security level.

All Alarms, Alerts and updates are sent to User in the form of text messages and replication to multiple users and control room as also available.

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